The Knack Builder Network

Need help building your app? You've come to the right place!

The Knack Builder Network is an online portal where Knack customers can post their projects for Knack builders to help them build.

These projects can be anything from adding an API integration to building an entire project from scratch.

The network includes a variety of builders that can help with any job -- from CSS tweaks to application design to full custom programming.

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Knack Customers

Submit your project details to get proposals and estimates from Knack builders.

Knack Builders

Get paid to help Knack customers build and customize their apps.


How does this work?

Knack customers submit projects they need help with. Knack builders will receive alerts if the project is a match and can submit an application. It's then up to the Knack user to reply and agree on any project terms with the Knack builder.

Is it free?

Knack does not charge to submit your project. Knack builders will provide estimates and budgets for helping to build your project.

How does payment work?

It's up to you and the Knack builder. We recommend a combination of some up-front payment and a final payment upon satisfactory completion. PayPal can be an easy way to submit payments, but each Knack builder will have different preferences.

What if I don't get any applications?

You may want to provide more details, particularly about your budget and deadline. Most builders will want at least some ballpark of what the project entails before committing more time. It's also possible that the budget you listed isn't realistic for the available builders.

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