What are our customers saying about Knack?

I want to thank you all for having the least annoying follow-up e-mail series of just about any product I/we have ever trialed.
- Ken Johnson, The IT Advisors

I just wanted to let you know we are live with our new site which features 4 different knack apps for this client. Thank you for your excellent support over the past few months as we worked to get this done. Proud to say this was all done with minimal knowledge of coding. I could not have done this job on this budget without knack.
- Todd Tamcsin, Todd Tamcsin Photography

I have to first say you guys and this database are AMAZING!!! I have nothing but good things to say about the whole ordeal. Setting it up, using it, making changes, all of it is like a walk in the park and that is such a breath of fresh air compared to the rest of the databases I looked into. Our project managers and my boss love it as well. So glad I found you all. Thanks again for such a user friendly system. It truly rocks.
- Brittney Armstrong, All American Windows

I just wanted to share my experience and tell you Knack is simply great! I used Knack to develop an online database to manage and track vaccine administration in my pediatric specialties clinic. Within a couple of hours and thanks to your 5-star customer support I was able to build an app that exceeded our expectations. A similar ready made commercial application with less features would have cost hundreds of dollars for implementation and monthly fees 3-4 times higher.
- Dr. Tim Müller, Caracol Pediatria

Knack is always there for me. Their knowledge base is an excellent resource of how-to information to solve any issue associated with our database. Their support is simply amazing! I have had a positive experience with them for over a year. They're best in class!
-Tonza Borden, Tempo Wireless

You guys have a fantastic system and the support has been A+ all the way. The highest praise I can dole out is that I was so impressed with your support and backbone in my trial that I didn't even bother looking elsewhere. There may be one or two systems that have a tool or two that I might need, but I know that your team is dedicated to making this such a useful and comprehensive system that I'm happy to forgo one or two sniggling items because I know either a) I can recreate w/ the robust architecture, b) your team will invariably help or create a solution. Highly, highly recommend.
-George Baumer, Ronyn Distributors

I continue to be amazed at how simple and powerful you have made this. Knack is fixing so much for me and helping me to eliminate multiple databases (filemaker, donor tools, My-SQL hostings, etc). I know it is very, very hard to make the powerful simple to use, you guys did a great job. Thanks!
-John Garret, CEC-NA

Thank you and the team for top notch service and support. I'm already on my 2nd customer who has bought services from me using tools I created on your platform. I've been in the support area for almost 20 years and I know good and bad support and your group is aces. Quick replies, taking ownership of issues and getting answers even if they don't know them. That's what a customer wants: confidence that they are being taken care and you guys do it.
- Monte Young, Young Technology Group

Knack has enabled me to put an idea that has been in my head for 10 years into something I can use Knack for a fully working scalable business. My only problem is i have another 30+ application ideas that requires the need of Knack! If i had a spare £100,000 I'd invest in Knack shares today. Well done! You are going to crank up the speed of life and effect millions of people with Knack and help them become more efficient. Knack is going to change the world!
- Ian Jepson, PropertyThread

You guys have been nothing short of great handling all my strange questions. I am really happy with your service and I can't wait to see what might be next up for you guys! - Thank you very much for your effort and patience!
- Mike Buckley

When I was recently tasked to build an internal database-driven app for "beer product holds & dispositions", I knew Knack was the right tool to get the job done in a timely manner. You can't beat the simple user interface, built-in reporting, and cloud-connected capabilities with it's Zapier interface (as opposed to using something like MS Access). Within a weekend, I was able to flesh out a prototype app, and over a period of a few weeks, clean it up for production use. We just launched our first app in early 2015 and our production team couldn't be happier! Cheers to Knack for this powerful tool!
- Trey Bowden, Dogfish Head Companies

Just wanted to give you some feedback on a great app and fantastic service. I've used your tool to build a repository and customer portal for genetic data of elite and upcoming athletes. We'd previously worked with a developer and coder who after 6 months had been unable to finish our project. In frustration I turned to Knack and built a working system in 4 days with no coding experience. We have now gotten our business back on track thanks to Knack. Keep up the great work!
- Scott Longdon, DNAeX

I've got to tell you guys how great a job you've done on this app. It's simple, clean with a decent learning curve. I'm almost to the point I could teach it after less than a week working on it a couple of hours a day. The feature set is very well thought out. I can tell as far as the 'user experience'.....you've been there. Thank you and I look forward to additional features in the future!!
- Ed Cooper, SquareRigger

"This service in its simplicity of use but enormous power reminds me of Squarespace...In my mind, you are the Squarespace of online database tool creation, and I hope you take that as the compliment I mean for it to be. Thank you very much. "
- Don Murray, Shalley and Murray

"I am so into this program that I've spent 8 hours a day programming with it! We are combining 8 separate systems we are currently using into this one app. It's absolutely awesome. A friend of mine who programs couldn't believe that cloud databases have come this far."
- Patrick Albrecht, GreatFood Inc.

"We're very happy with Knack and hope to use it on several projects! The Knack team has been awesome. They are aways responsive with timely support."
- Ben Jamir, Synergin

"Knack allowed us to quickly deploy a database app that has reduced the typical time to create a new customer down from 30 minutes to less than 10. We can prototype very quickly with Knack, I love the ease at which I can generate forms and tables."
- Mark Sims, GNL Storage

"Knack saved our lives, I mean our business:) We needed to keep track of which product appears where and what prices they are sold from multiple data points. Knack allowed us to build an app in no time flat to solve all these problems. Our Knack app constantly evolves with our needs. I don't think there's anything like Knack out there"
- Max Hauer, Svelte Brands

"I spent months searching for a an online database solution, but every time there was something wrong. Finally, I found Knack. Knack gives me the opportunity to develop the application I need quickly and easily! I love the flexibility and the ability to quick address changes and add features."
- Alain Lefebvre, Montessori

"Knack is a powerful tool for imaginative marketers who lack programming skills. We're saving a lot of time and are making more money because we can focus on growing our business."
- Rick Maggio, Evirental

"I just wanted to tell you that I evaluated a bunch of SAAS online database services. In my opinion, Knack has the best value proposition by far. The interface for end users looks good, the system is intuitive, and the pricing is reasonable."
- Whit Wilson, Cordem Market Intelligence

"I am reasonably handy with spreadsheets but have never done a database before. I find Knack very easy to use and it certainly plugs the gap where spreadsheets are not enough. Relying on myself to do the database work and make modifications as needed - instead of using an IT department - makes the prototyping, building and deploying process extremely efficient."
- Stephen Wernicke, Wenatex Australia

"Knack is one of the most well designed and easiest to use web platforms I have ever worked with. It is a clean interface, has an easy learning curve and is amazingly fast. Most importantly, the customer service is phenomenal. These guys get back to you in minutes and have a clear answer for you every time. To anyone managing any kind of data, you should try Knack. I will be recommending it to all of my customers in the future. "
- Michael Thomas, AllTimeTech

"I must say you provide the fastest and most excellent support I've ever seen - and I have been 'computerized' since 1987. You could really teach companies like Microsoft and Apple a few things about what customer support is all about. Please promise me you won't forget it!"
- Max Gossell, Hermods Gymnasium

"I think your software is fantastic. It's quick and simple - especially for a novice like me! We are really starting to utilise it and it's allowing us to deliver functionality quickly to our customer base that previously we couldn't have done!"
- Jackie Anderson, Wesfarmers Industrial & Safety

"Thank you guys so much! Seriously, this type of database is something my organization has needed for a long time and your service has made the ideal data organizational structure attainable for us. I expect this to save my organization thousands concerning efficiency over the next few years. You guys are awesome!"
- Tom Travestere, Beyond Basics

"The future of database creation. Started testing and had a fully functional complex app being used company-wide within the month. All created by a non-database real estate broker. "
- Christian Chase, Chase Real Estate

"Knack is literally one of the most ingenious ways to increase your productivity. My business associates look at what I've been able to execute, and drop their jaw when they find out the short time it took. Of course, I tell them I programmed the whole thing from scratch until they look at me with incredulity! Eventually, when I admit I used Knack for my search and database features, I'm a little less tall, but my achievements outweigh the sensation greatly. Entrepreneurs and business dev teams should take note when I say that this tool/service, is the BEST for creating MVP's in a snap. Customer service +1000! Thanks Knack!"
- Matt Morrison, North American Institute for Construction Professionals (NAICP)

"I've been working with database software for over 25 year and I have to say this is the most fun and productive I have been in years. The data centered view of your application is exactly how I think about the problem. I have been using it to reorganize the record keeping and management of my yacht club, and the board was more than happy with the cost and results. I told them I could have done the same thing with other systems that have been around for longer but this was ten times faster. I use Knack because I feel extremely productive, I can realize my ideas quickly and I just plain have fun."
- Peter Kohlmann, BPYC

"Knack has helped us level the playing field against bigger competitors. I'm amazed how easy this is to set up. Great job!!"
- Paul Trainer, PEI Business Federation

"We've gone live with our database and just love it! This is a regionally popular toy/donation raiser for our kids and we're so excited to have an intuitive, professional looking database for the ornaments! Knack is a great product!"
- Robin Horne, Casa Pacifica Centers for Children & Families
"Knack is a great product, and it's really transformative in the sense that it opens up web database programming & management to people who otherwise would never be exposed to that stuff. There's just something about being able to build your own application that no off-the-shelf solution can duplicate. It's a powerful tool, but it's also a lot of fun."
- Greg Tuft, Tristar Plastics
"Knack is awesome, and has been a great match for my skill set. I'm familiar with databases and their structure, but am not a coder, and Knack has provided a very intuitive way to build a database and an interface for it. I also really like that I could build from the ground up, instead of having to force my data and business processes into a predetermined format like the CRM software I looked at."
- Adam Rogers, NCSU Libraries
"Thanks again for all of your support! It's a great product - definitely better than the alternatives I looked at for this project (Access Sharepoint, Zoho, Basecamp, a million others...) in terms of ease of development, better end user experience, and better value for the price."
- Jessica Jones, Ninkasi Brewery
"Knack is one of the most nicely thought out webapps I have ever come across, and I've seen most. Congrats. I think it will be a piece of software that I will use for a long time."
- Chris Parker, PlanMyEvent
"Have to say that you and your company go the extra distance for your customers. I really appreciated your effort and would recommend your company above all others. Thanks again."
- Gregory Lasilla, QuahleeCares
"Thanks for the great customer service. So far I'm really impressed with the rdb and interface. This is a god-send for a web/mobile site designer."
- Chris Ochsenreither, Apptitude
"I was up and running with knack in 1 hour. Totally awesome"
- Henry Roman, Fidelis Hospice
"Knack is on many levels the perfect solution for our organisation. The ability as a non-technical user to build a relatively complex online database is priceless."
- Graeme Williamson, Destiny Church
"So far I like all the features - beginning with SUPPORT and HELP, an easy to use product, versatile, and customizable."
- Mike Forte, Forte Computing
"Our favorite feature is creating custom reports and pivot table searches. With these reports we're finding all sorts of new ways to explore and share our data."
- Alex Phelps, Pronto Marketing
"The responsiveness and quality of your support has been super!"
- Bruce Letterle, Red Lab Media
"With Knack, I just kept finding gems of features that all I had to do "turn them on" and Voilà! I got functionality that typically took hours of coding to do."
- Robert Love, AwarePoint